About Us

Ollie & Opal is an online women's clothing & accessories boutique. We strive to have pieces that could fit anyone's style. We are based out of Brunswick, Georgia. 


Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting Ollie & Opal. My name is Madison and I am the owner and founder of Ollie & Opal. We are a women’s clothing boutique dedicated to making women feel comfortable and empowered in everything they wear. The idea of Ollie & Opal came alive in the bathroom of my 11-7 job when I wanted to cry over how my managers were treating me. I am a 20 year old college student who is now living her dream of running her own business and I just want to thank you for joining me along in this journey.

Email: ollieandopalboutique@gmail.com 

Instagram: @ollieandopalboutique